Saturday, May 21, 2011

School's Out for Summer

Maybe it’s all this talk about summer, but I’m feeling pretty nostalgic for my school days. And thanks to the continued schoolhouse trend, I can still reminisce about the good old days when semesters were paced in between long stretches of leisure. I’ve spied plenty of vintage class maps and globes as well as classic school chairs in recent months. But there are plenty of fresh discoveries out there too. Dig deeper into the curriculum (think AV club or even chemistry or math class) for a whole new frontier of scholastic chic.

1. This colorful, vintage German biology chart of a shark is from Austin vintage seller, TwentyTimesI. $195
2. Crafty felter, ShipDirtSa envokes pink and blue penmanship paper with this throw pillow. $40
3. Etsy seller EthanOllie presents a vintage test tube collection as a flower vase alternative. $25

4. This Anthropologie lamp hearkens back to classroom movies before VHS and DVD. $498

5. Get some help keeping count with this brightly colored abacus from CB2. $149

6. Hudson Goods has a modern take on old-school lockers with this industrial chic design. $1,195

7. Etsy seller Concept Furnishings offers this classroom anatomical frog model as a whimsical trinket for your adult cabinet of curiosities. $225

8. Flickr user Lak B Designs uses painted lockers as behind-the-door storage.
9. TortoiseLovesDonkey upgrades a flask to a tiny terrarium for small air plants. $12.75

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