Friday, July 10, 2009

Biz Cards, Yes It's Time

Somehow, I've garnered work writing food + drink stories. And it seems when you meet people in this industry, they expect an exchange of business cards. I didn't think I was the business card type but I'd prefer not to have to sheepishly smile and say "Sorry - I don't have a card" anymore.

And this morning, I'm supposed to be writing (and finishing and submitting) the article from the interview in which the biz card situation arose but this paper and design lover is now obsessing over said cards. I've already spent a few hours playing in photoshop and now I'm researching others' card designs as well as the companies that have free biz card offers.

If money were no object (is that EVER the case?), I'd die for letterpress business cards. And I'm now realizing that even tho I have a web site, I don't have a logo. Do I need one as a freelance writer? I'm flummoxed about how one goes about designing one sans cheese...I guess that's why designers exist??

Rounded corners: two thumbs up.

Here are some inspiring designs:

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