Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Chill

Savannah artist Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object always seems to find the most interesting/useful materials and tools for craft projects. I blogged about this in my ReadyMade days but she tracked down the pink glue that adheres paper for DIY notepads. (See her post, Life Changing Compund.)

Now she's found use for
Watersorb polymer granules (what?) - basically crystals that absorb water - in cooling neckties that recall scouting days but are a welcomed project in this 96 degree heat. The gist is that your soak the crystal-containing neckties in water and then tie them around your neck As the water evaporates, it creates a little air conditioner around your neck. The magic crystals are available at Michaels for around $6 -- which Sarah thinks will make about 12 neckties.

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