Friday, June 5, 2009

In Utero: The New ReadyMade Grows Arms, Legs and Takes Stand Against Lamps

So my former employer, the ReadyMade blog, is back is business after a 6 months hiatus where the old staff was abandoned in Berkeley and the new staff relocated from NYC to Des Moines.

Their most recent post reports on their brainstorming meeting about the new direction for the mag. This may strike moderate fears in those of us concerned that the departure from Berkeley and the severance with the magazine founders would mean a compromised ReadyMade. There are no signs that that fear is a valid one but this post does include lots of cryptic photos about ReadyMade’s future look and tone. See the post here.

Are they planning muted tones (a la a 1950s Boy Scout manual) for their color palette? And what’s with the English garden illustrations? Phooey. Thank god Blueprint is on the table.

As a student of Cultural Studies, I always, always loved ReadyMade because so much of magazines centers on advertising and convincing its readers to buy things and here was a lovely magazine that prospered even though it’s message was: “No need to buy. You can make that yourself.” I await the first issue with the new team…

But what in the heck do they have against lamps??

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