Friday, June 5, 2009

Roman Shades for Po' Folk

I live in a little 1925 house that has more window than walls. We took our sweet time to buy and install window treatments, which was a mistake b/c someone saw something they liked inside and broke in and robbed us one Saturday night. Before this violation, I did manage to make homemade roman shades for our bedroom after a quick check on how much they cost gave me shivers. Each window in this abode is a quirky size so custom shades would have cost around $300 each. So I googled "roman shade tutorial" and viola, I was good to go.

Jen Duncan's blog had the best photos with her tutorial so I went with hers. I used sale fabric from Ikea's Stockholm Blad collection and sun-blocking fabric from Joann's as the back. The cleats that anchor the ties were hard to find but I finally scored them at Ace Hardware.

These were easy and cheap to make and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Here are some other shots:Closed...

(notice the plywood in the window...thanks robbers!)

Please excuse the wonky exposure of the photos, it's tricky to properly photograph a backlit window!


  1. This is great! I came across your blog through Craftster looking for pretty much this exact thing to replace the busted vertical blinds in my house. Excellent work!

  2. SO COOL! I just happened to click my stats and I was led here. I LOVE to hear success stories! This looks fab. God I love IKEA. How awesome would that fabric be to embroider?! Job Well Done :-)

  3. Hey Jen! I'm honored that you stopped by. And thank you for the great tutorial! It truly was easy thanks to your step-by-step photos.

    The one thing I wondered...since one of my windows is quite wide, should I have put in a middle row of rings to fight sagging? But how to pull it up? I've never been good at physics so I went with the standard two rows of rings...

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