Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skinny Love

Leisure update: We went to a Bon Iver concert in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday night. Elvis Perkins -- with their upright bass, horns and harmonica -- opened. We saw Bon Iver about a year ago in Vancouver at a small basement joint as word of their talent had not spread quite yet. This venue permitted us to have a bird's eye view of the stage from the back. We were able to catch the actions of all the band members (just not their faces) and it stirred up some jealousy about how fun it must be to be in a band.

It was an all ages show and the young-ins were in full attendance. Made me think about how I learned about new music at 16. MTV. And now that MTV plays only cringe-worthy reality shows, where do teenagers learn about new bands? Perhaps I'm drawing a line where there shouldn't be one. Perhaps they listen and read the same things I do to hear about new bands.

For the record, my sources:
Minnesota Public Radio's Musicheads Podcast

KEXP's John in the Morning Radio Show (streamed on the internet station from 9-12pm EST)


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